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Why entrust your property to us?

Short letting is a very fast growing market becoming a real alternative to travelers who are looking for the flexibility, the privacy and the settings hotels are not able to provide them with.

Indeed, with websites such as Airbnb, Home Away, millions of tourists and business travelers are now using this sort of accommodation.

Short Let Management plays a key part in this market adding a high degree of professionalism to an international community where the travellers are called Guest and the accommodation providers, Hosts!

What sort of properties?

  • Your Home -- Instead of leaving your home empty while you are away on holiday, for a weekend break or a longer period, you could finance your trip thanks to a short let SLM manages for you. You can make from £75 to several hundreds pounds a night with your home! And it does not cost you a thing!

     Our guests are trust-worthy families or acquaintances, as well as international clients that have been previously rated by other hosts. 

  • Your Second Home -- You have a pied-a-terre at the seaside or in the countryside that is hardly used or managed by an agency that takes a big chunk of your rent? With SLM, you only pay 20% and our rental income is considerably more important as we let the property on a daily, rather than monthly, rate. Also using your personalised calendar, it is very easy for your to block the dates you wish to use your property.

  • Your Rental Investment​ -- You wish to get a better return from your buy-to-let property? With short lettings, you can double your current rental income and still be able to block a few days per month for friends or family visiting.

  • Unusual Places! -- We also advertise very unusual places like a castle, an island, a shed in a tree, the cabin of a boat, a camper-van, a pool house, or simple a corner of a garden for a tent! ​

     Please contact us if you wish to have more information and/or to submit your property!

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