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SLM Services

Our 3 main services are Letting Management, Cleaning & Linen Management and Key Management. Through our internal organisation, we offer a great level of flexibility and most of the time tailor-made services to our clients.

Letting Management


Managing calendars, answering to availability requests and questions from prospective guests is a time-consuming hobby!

For several years, Short Let Management's team has managed properties on the very peculiar short term market.

Our ample experience allows us to advertise your property efficiently and to get the best return on your property.

Unlike most agencies which charge between 30-50% commission, Short Let Management only asks a very competitive 20% commission in which the Key Management & the Cleaning services are included.​

Cleaning & Linen Management


No time to arrange the cleaning before the arrival of your guests, or you wish to come back to an immaculate home?

Short Let Management has a team of professional cleaners working 7 days a week.

If required, our staff is also trained to perform a Check Out with your Guests, making sure that no bad surprise will be waiting for you.

At times, Guests are arriving one after the other, leaving no time to clean and change the bed linens. In that case our staff can lay out our in-house set of linens (bed sheets, duvet and pillow covers, set of towels).

It also spares you from sharing your own linen with the guests.

Key Management & Check-In/Out


Your Guests arrive in the middle of the day while you are at work, or when you have already left the country for vacation?​​

Short Let Management has the solution for you!

Thanks to our trustworthy delivery staff and a central pick up point in Earls Court, your Guests can either:​

  • be greeted at your property, be shown the place and explained the house rules, or

  • pick up the keys at our pick up point

Your keys will be at your guests' disposal 24/7 ; simplifying the key transfer process for both parties.
We can also keep in a safe place a second set of your keys in case of keys locked inside or lost by your guests.




SLM has developed a series of additional services in the interest of its clients. Please find hereby some of them:

  • Insurance

Not sure if your insurance covers your property when it is let to guests? Our insurance broker can check your policy for you and provide you with the correct insurance product if needed.

  • Storage

There are some items you wish to keep in a safe place while away? SLM has a place of safe storage for you.

Please contact us for a quote and the insurance details.

  • Special Requests from your guests?

Our team of resourceful and well connected members will be happy to help your guests and their particular requests!

  •  24H Assistance

If anything happens to your property, we have a 24h assistance service available to your guests. We work with very reliable and trustful team of handymen, plumbers and electricians available 24/7.

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